Want to have a date? Wondering what it is or how it feels like to be in an affair or why have an affair?

Have one, it may change your life. Yes, an affair can be a turning point in your life. Find it unbelievable? Falling in love is a magical experience and can truly bring immense happiness, life-long togetherness and indefinite moments of joy, laughter and even tears which they cherish all along their lives.

We all need someone who will love us. Every person sooner or later realises that he or she needs a partner, someone who will love them forever. Meet someone , know him or her , the person can turn out to be the one you have always been thinking of getting as your life- partner.

The word “affair” in reference to relationships relates to the situation when two individuals , presumably a man and a woman, like each other more than just mere friendship. They may be friends, neighbours, classmates, or professional colleagues or even two strangers. In such a relationship, people like to spend time with each other more and more, crave for each others company.

Going to movies, having meals together in an eating joint, spending evenings together, going for long drives becomes common. Writing poems praising the beauty of your beloved created some of the world famous romantic poets who are remembered till date and will be cherished for their work given to mankind.

Affairs can be seen in any age group , starting from thirteen to even seventies or above. It starts mostly in teenage in everyone’s life. We all have gone through this phase in our lives when a mere smile or a beautiful face, or a smart person when met with, makes a person feel that he or she is the person I would die for.

These feelings of adolescence extend up to late twenties too. But this kind of feelings are termed as state of infatuation , where a person starts having fondness for any person whose physical beauty he/she gets attracted to.These are not so strong feelings and one easily forgets the person, when he or she goes out of his/ her sight. But, with the physical growth in a person , the mental growth also takes place and one becomes more mature and mentally stable.

This can happen between late teens to any age onwards. Generally, two people when start having an affair in early twenties onwards, the affair may transform into a marriage. A married couple not happy in their marital relations, tend to look for someone close outside their marriage, and form an affair. Such affairs are termed as extra-marital affairs.

There are lots of couples who have experienced this magical feeling of ‘falling in love’ and readily share their experiences with joy even in their old age. It is said “love is God” ,and people who get their true love are fortunate ones. So what are you waiting for? Go out and meet the unknown someone, present out there. He/she may turn out to be your true soul mate.

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