Probably one of the most talked about marital problem, extramarital affairs have become a staple in the subject of marriage and relationships. Many regard it as the worst offense that can be committed in a marriage. Singers have made careers out of this. Lawyers have made fortunes using it as a defense in the court of law and the media just love talking about it.

There are several explanations why marital infidelity has become a media favorite. Here are the top four reasons why extramarital affairs and the media get along so so well.

1. It Covers All The Basics

Extramarital affairs are pretty much everything that the media are looking for in a story. Most of the time, it involves well-known people. News about an affair involving singers, actors, athletes, politicians, or socialites are guaranteed to capture the public’s attention.

Marital infidelity is a gold mine for media coverage. Once an affair is made public, almost every aspect of it is news. Several revelations are made, a string of developments unfold, countless interviews to be made, several legal battles can be fought, not to mention all the expert opinions that will be given.

2. Marital Infidelity Is Good Drama

The only thing better than fictional drama is real life drama. The 21st century saw the rise of reality shows that capture or at least claim to capture the drama in the lives of supposedly real people. The masses’ desire for drama, however, gets more insatiable as the years pass. The people want raw drama, real emotions, real tears and real confrontations. For this reason, marital infidelity has become a crowd favorite. Like soap operas, an on going scandals about extramarital affairs can be eagerly and enthusiastically followed by viewers.

3. It Is An Easy Topic To Talk About

This is a cause and an outcome at the same time. Because extramarital affairs have become such hot topics, the media almost have a template for covering them. There is always a couple whose marriage is in jeopardy due to the infidelity of one of it’s halves. There is a third or sometimes a fourth and fifth party who who are dubbed the “home wreckers” who seek to destroy the couple’s happy marriage for his or her selfish reasons. Sometimes there are children whose lives are being ruined by the said affair. There are family members who all have opinions about the issue. Finally there is a probably expensive divorce lawsuit to be filed.

4. It Is Almost Always A Clear Cut Case

Extramarital affairs easy target for so called responsible journalism. Most of the time, the who’s and the what’s are clearly defined. On the one hand, there is the cheated party who is always seen as the victim who seeks justice and needs to be sympathized with and consoled with hugs, friendly talks, songs and of course, media coverage. On the other hand, there is the villain who is thought of as a selfish bigamist who has no regard whatsoever for the pain and suffering of his spouse and children. Third parties, support groups, lawyers, disgruntled friends and angry in-laws are roles just waiting to be filled.

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