All too often, politicians and celebrities are caught having extra marital affairs, many first denying the allegations, and later confessing to the affair, and apologizing to the world. More often than not, celebrity and politician men, are the most known gender of people that have affairs, over the ratio of famous women having extra marital affairs with men. The exposure of affairs of celebrities and politicians, often do ruin their political and professional careers, as well as their marriage.

Lately, it seems to be a more common thing for famous people to have affairs. Getting the mistress pregnant, seems to be a familiar thing of the past and present, in politician and celebrity affairs. Many mistresses do not reveal their side of the affair until years after the affair has begun, and people begin to talk. Many mistresses may first deny that there was ever an affair, then later, they do admit to the affair, causing pain and heartache to the wives and families of the cheating men.

It would seem that since this type of behavior is very familiar and common to many, and that politicians and celebrities would think about their actions first, and the consequences that may follow. Many do not think about what may happen with their families or their careers if their affairs are exposed.

Many take on the notion that the affair will never be found out about or revealed. Once many sexual scandals are exposed to the world, many want to stand up behind the podiums and apologize for their actions, when all they had to do is resist the temptation to cheat in the first place.

Many spouses that have gone through troubled times as these, deal in their own ways and time with the situations. Divorce often follows in situations such as these, causing heartache and pain to both spouses, as well as children involved. Many times, affairs that have come to light with celebrities and politicians, are not the only affairs that have taken place.

Numerous affairs have been revealed in some instances, where women have come out of the wood works to reveal further information that they too, have been involved with the same celebrity or politician in having an affair.

Many times, the exposure of affairs of politicians and celebrities, do not have a justifiable reason standing behind them, other than it was something the person got caught up doing on impulse, and is regretful for doing it. Throughout the years, affairs of different celebrities and politicians have been revealed to the world, and the world had judged their actions, but the problem does not stop there.

There will be many more instances of where famous people will be revealed in extra marital relationships, including men and women. Many more affairs are occurring everyday, many still unknown to the world. Some of the cheating actions of men and women may never be revealed, and will always be unknown to many spouses, while others will be revealed in time, and disrupt the lives of happy families.

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