A lot of married people, whether they are happy or unhappy in their marriages, choose to have affairs for various reasons. While a lot of people believe that affairs are what tear marriages apart, the truth is that there is an entire picture at play beforehand along with different conscious and subconscious reasons that lead to the affairs to begin with. Here are 5 common reasons for affairs that you are sure to find interesting if you are into affair dating yourself.

The Need To Escape

When there is no other way out of a marriage aside from divorce, affairs can be a good way to pass the time. Not only is an affair an easier way out, but it is much more fun than going through a divorce. This reason is usually used by younger couples or couples who simply got married too early or developed at different rates.
Looking for somebody that suits you best through affair dating is always a good idea instead of letting things escalate into something as serious as divorce. Besides, if children are involved, divorce might not exactly be the best idea overall.

A Desire For Revenge

If a marriage is full of agreements and unhappiness, it isn’t any wonder why one or both people involved might decide to get into an affair to hurt the other or to get attention. While most people who use this reason tend to start off with secret affairs, they eventually reveal them by leaving emails unopened or leaving lipstick marks on their collar. Where they go from there will ultimately depend on the couple involved.

The Need To Forget Unwanted Problems

Some people have affairs because they feel insecure or left out at home. Men might feel out of place when the children are involved, while women might feel neglected by their husbands’ hobbies. This insecurity then breeds the need to look for something better outside of the marriage, sometimes in the form of an affair.

A Longing For Romance

When the buzz wears off after a few years of marriage and things start to get boring, people might decide to have affairs because they miss the romance involved in the beginning of a relationship. If you need some romance in your life to stay happy, then looking for those sparks with somebody else through affair dating may be the best option for you. The best part is that you won’t have to keep the romance up all the time, except when you feel the need for it yourself or when you meet up with your new lover.

The Need To Feel Wanted

Married couples might start to feel unattractive when the sex dwindles in their marriage or if the sex gets bad. The majority of people find it very easy to jump into bed with somebody else during this vulnerable state and it can actually help because they will then get the encouragement and appreciation that they need from these affairs and feel better about themselves afterwards.

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